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Colon Diseases and Cancer

The colon and rectum make up the part of the digestive system called the “large intestine”. The cancer caused by the polyps that develop in this part of the large intestine is called “colon cancer”. Colon – Rectal cancers It is the second most common type of cancer in both sexes. An average of 140,000 people are diagnosed with the disease annually.

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

1- Change in defecation habits.

2- Having diarrhea or constipation.

3- The appearance of smeared blood in the stool or the black color of the stool like tar.

4- Thinning of stool diameter.

5- General stomach complaints (gas, bloating, pain or cramps).

6- Frequent Gas Pains.

7- The state of being as if the intestines are not completely empty after defecation.

8- Unexplained weight loss.

9- Prolonged fatigue.

Treatment of Colon Cancer is Surgery. The type of surgery varies according to the location of the tumor in the colon.

My Surgical Interventions in Colon Cancer

• Colonoscopic Interventions
• Right Hemicolectomy (Removal of the right part together with the lymph nodes)
• Left Hemicolectomy (Removal of the left part together with the lymph nodes)
• Sigmoid Resection
• Anterior Resection
• Low Anterior Resection
• Operation Miles
• Colostomy Opening