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Anal Fistula Disease

They are the chronic form of anal abscesses. There are one or more channels starting from the inside of the anus and opening to the skin around the anus. There is usually an inflammatory discharge. This discharge makes your underwear dirty and smells bad. While some of the fistulas develop after abscess evacuation, the patient may not be aware of having an abscess in others. This abscess may have emptied by opening a hole on its own and then turned into a fistula.

The only treatment for fistula is surgery. However, fistula surgeries bring with them the risk of stool and gas incontinence at certain rates. Therefore, many surgical techniques have been described.

The important point is that the fistula surgery is carried out by an experienced surgeon and the method suitable for the patient’s characteristics is selected. Today, we perform many successful surgeries with the Laser method, which is the product of advanced technology. With the laser, there are no problems such as pain or bleeding after the operation and our patients can return to their normal life immediately.