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Anal Fissure Disease

Anus skin is a very sensitive area due to its dense nerve ending content. In addition, it is surrounded and tightened by two different and intertwined muscle layers. Especially in cases of difficult defecation when the body is not ready to defecate, or in cases of diarrhea where the anus is very irritated, tears may occur in this area. These tears, which are extremely painful, cause spasm in the muscles and are exposed to more pressure, and the tear does not have a chance to heal because their blood circulation is insufficient.

Patients feel severe pain when defecating. They feel as if they are removing small pieces of glass. However, the real pain occurs at the end of defecation and can last for hours. It can be so severe that it distracts the person from their daily life.

I have been successfully applying Medical and Surgical Treatment methods in the treatment of anal fissure.