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Non-Surgical Solution to Anal Fissure Disease in 10 Minutes with B. Injection

Advantages of B. Injection

▸ While a muscle is cut in the surgery, no permanent damage to the rectum is created in B. Injection.
▸ Persistent gas stool leakage is never seen
▸ It is the perfect solution for sweet people who have a fear of surgery and have a low pain threshold.
▸ There is no risk for those who are at risk of narcosis.
▸ It is very practical, applied in 1 minute.
▸ It is done without any preparation (enema, mucilage, shaving, rectoscopy) and analysis.
▸ Thanks to the very fine needle used, the application is painless.
▸ The chance of success in treatment is high (95% in experienced hands)
▸ You can return to work immediately after the application.
▸ No loss of workforce
▸ Since there is no surgery, there is no risk of bleeding
▸ İThere is no risk of inflammation.
▸ It can be safely applied to both the chronic and the new.
▸ It can be applied to any patient except pregnancy.

B. Disadvantages of Injection

▸ Official institutions in Turkey do not cover the treatment
▸ The drug used is expensive.
▸ Since the drug is transported and stored under special conditions, many places work by appointment, although it is constantly kept in clinics with experience in this regard.
▸ Few doctors know the practice.
▸ If a bottle of medicine for saving purposes is given to two people, the probability of recovery is very low.
▸ Not applicable in public hospitals