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Micro Sinusectomy

In micro sinusectomy; The word micro refers to the smallness of the procedure, and sinusectomy refers to the removal of the hairball (sinus). While the skin is cut 12-30 cm in normal operations, 1-2 cm skin incision is sufficient in micro sinusectomy. In this way, there are no visible scars and sutures on the skin. This method is very successful when done in appropriate cases.

Advantages of Micro Sinusectomy Method

The advantages of the Micro Sinusectomy method, which provides the most superior and successful results among the treatment methods applied in ingrown hair, are listed below.

Advantages of micro sinusectomy technique

1. While the probability of recurrence is between 7-40% in classical surgeries, it is around 3-5% in micro sinusectomy.

2. Loss of labor is 2-4 weeks in classical surgeries and 1-2 hours in micro sinusectomy.

3. While resting for 15 days is recommended in the surgery, it is possible to return to work on the same day in micro sinusectomy.

4. While a scar of 12-30 cm remains in the surgeries, this scar is so small (1-2 cm) that it cannot be seen in micro sinusectomy.

5. In case of recurrence of the disease, the second operation required in normal surgeries is more difficult and causes more labor loss. However, a second session can be performed with the same ease in micro sinusectomy.

6. While normal surgery can be performed in recurrent cases after micro sinusectomy, micro sinusectomy cannot be performed in recurrent cases after normal operations.

7. Inflammation, which can be seen at a rate of 10-15% after surgery due to extensive injury, is around 1-2% in micro sinusectomy because it is worked in a narrow area.

8. In other methods, the post-operative pain lasts for 3 days, sometimes up to 15 days, while this pain is at a level that does not require taking painkillers in micro sinusectomy.

9. While a vacuum device (drain) is inserted to absorb the dirty blood that will occur in the large wound area after the operation, a drain is not used in micro sinusectomy.

10. While it is necessary to stay in the hospital for one day after the operation with narcosis, the patient can return to his normal life a few hours after micro sinusectomy.

11. While bathing is prohibited for 10-15 days after normal surgery, it is possible to take a bath 48 hours after Micro sinusectomy treatment, and swim in the pool or sea after 1 week.